There seems to be a host of Steve Earle live DVDs out there. Even another one in this live from Austin series is available but that was from a much earlier show (September 1986). This new DVD, released on New West Records, is from a later show ( 12th November 2000) but even so is obviously still nearly 8 years old.

So does an 8 year old Steve Earle show still stand up on DVD all this time later ? Surprisingly yes as it’s neither old enough to be seen through rose-coloured glasses and therefore recalling better times or new enough to relive a recently attended concert. This concert was recorded around the time of Steve’s ‘Transcendental Blues’ album, although the DVD only features five songs that come from that album. The remaining ten songs consist of some favourites which we would feel short changed by if they weren’t featured ('Copperhead Road' and 'Christmas In Washington' to name but two). The band also consists of Kelley Looney on bass and Will Rigby on drums fresh from the 'Transcendental Blues' sessions and the ever excellent Eric Ambel on guitar and vocals.

Never having had the pleasure of seeing Earle in concert, DVDs such as these are a welcome chance to get some impression of how an artist performs live although obviously no in-concert DVD can capture the atmosphere of the live event. Earle, it seems, is not one for a lot of between song banter (except for his introduction to ‘Christmas In Washington’) so while he does say more than the mumbled "thanks and the next one goes something like this…” which is what a lot of artists feel that is all they have to do, the focus here is really totally on the performance of the songs. Earle doesn’t disappoint. The picture quality is superb as is the sound which is produced in 5.1 surround sound and couldn’t be better. Ambel’s guitar playing in particular really shines through and Earle is in fine voice throughout. A particularly touching version of ‘Goodbye’ is a highlight of the set. Again, although Earle starts the song solo and I was mesmerised by his performance, Ambel, once he takes the guitar solo, all but steals the show with his playing.

All in all this is a welcome addition to the ever growing Steve Earle catalogue and one music DVD that can definitely be viewed more than once.

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