Just as Precinct cannot seem to stick with a name (last time I saw them they were called Venus Luxure) ,I cannot seem to decide what type of music they play. Sure, it is rock, but trying to describe their new wave/post punk/psychedelic sound makes for bad over use of forward slashes in sentences and it’s just bad grammar.

Precinct, consisting of singer Francis, guitarist Chris, bassist Joseph, drummer Brendan and master of synth, er Sullivan, are is top form tonight and as tight as ever. There is no sign of Brendan throwing another infamous rock star strop, a well received rock strop as he did at their previous Manchester gig at the Night and Day.

The band, having recent cut EP 'This Trip Isn’t A Dream', are well received and the crowd are quite enjoying the show. Stand out tracks 'Psychosocial' and excellent 'Theme from Venus Luxure' are a treat, as always.

Singer Francis really stands out and in my opinion sounds like a cross between Patti Smith and Siouxsie Sioux.

All in the audience seems to like the band. Despite the fact the bar is covered in Manchester United flags they have redeemed themselves.

Precinct’s EP, 'This Trip Isn’t A Dream', is available on www.myspace.com/precinctmusic.

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Commenting On: Bar Zu, Manchester, 23/5/2008 - Precinct

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