Pennyblackmusic photographer-in-residence Matt Williams’ latest photographic exhibition, ‘Shield Your Eyes, Shield Your Pies’, opens at the West End in Centre in Aldershot on May 7th and closes on May 30th.

Filmed in rural Wales on both Colour and Black and White film, it reveals the intense writing and rehearsal process of Shield Your Eyes, a new local band. Shield Your Eyes’ Stef Ketteringham and Tobias Hayes are both former members of the much acclaimed Aldershot-based act, Strobe 45.

As Matt’s press release describes it :

“Take three of the most hardworking, creative talents that Aldershot has spat out, drop them in an idyllic setting in deepest darkest Wales, add a caravan, a dose of family values, give their amplifiers names, throw in Matt Williams for good measure and this is what you get…

Shot over four days in December 2007 this photographic exhibition gives an insight into the initial stages of Stef Ketteringham, Tobias Hayes and Henri Grimes latest musical creation, Shield Your Eyes. Photographed by one of the last professionals to evangelise the beauty of film over digital imaging and edited by all four members of the project, the show consists of traditional hand printed Colour and Black & White images which visually document the writing and rehearsal process of the most exciting band to emerge this year.

This show complements the West End Centre residency of Toby and Stef's regular Run For Your Life nights. See the exhibiton on it's closing night at RFYL gig on 30th May or make the pilgrimage to see it anytime between 7th & 30th May.”

‘Shield Your Eyes, Shield Your Pies’ is open each day from 10 am to 9 pm with the exception of Sundays.

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17952 Posted By: Sam (Camberley)

I did learn somthing when he came to our school,

I learned that one of the beastie boys is Epileptic
And that the HP5 makes him feel sick.... :) other than that his pictures are amazing!

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