Released originally in 1998, ‘Goddamnit !’ is the debut album for much loved Chicago punks, the Alkaline Trio. Since then they have risen the ranks of the punk rock world to have success and devoted fans the world over.

'Goddamnit !', which has just been re-released in a remixed and remastered version, shows that the Alkaline Trio have headed in the direction they have taken without losing anything along the way. They have improved musically and the lyrical content has become deeper and at times darker, but the essential blueprint was then the same as it is now. 'Goddamnit'is drenched with the same gloomy pop punk rhythms and morbid lyrics that the band have become on their latter albums renowned for.

Songs on this album, such as ‘Cringe’, ‘Nose Over Tail’ and ‘San Francisco’ are just as catchy and memorable as anything from other pop punk bands such as Blink 182, Green Day and New Found Glory, all of whom are comparable and were also around at the back end of 90’s.

It is their dark side, which really sets the Alkaline Trio apart from the rest and is the reason that they have achieved the cult status that they have. One thing that is clear from these songs it that they have always strived to make more than just straightforward three chord throwaway tunes to back their brand of dark poetry. There’s plenty of starting and stopping and choppy guitar work on 'Goddamnit !', showing a band who have always been prepared to push things a little further.

Fantastic song writing from main man Matt Skiba is visble, particularly on the scathing ‘Cop’ and the more touching and thoughtful ‘Enjoy Your Day’ and ‘Southern Rock’, the latter of which leans toward “Emo”.

As an album it completely lives up and belongs alongside the rest of their work and is thoroughly recommended to anyone who has even a passing interest in this band.

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