Chris TT came on late, played only a few songs and really looked as if he couldn’t be bothered this night. He opened his set with an a cappella version of perhaps his weakest song – an anti road building song of cringeworthy lyrics. Things didn’t get much better from there on in.

Even his best songs, such as an anthem for Britain’s rebellious giraffes and their dreams of flying, are buried under his obvious ennui. At one point he even decides the ultra-trendy Shoreditch crowd is not enthusiastic enough, and demands they “pretend we’re Hot-fucking-Chip or something.”

Although he blamed an earlier band for overrunning rather than trying to make up for this he simply appears to give up. After only about 20 minutes he’s had enough and leaves.

Chris TT is capable of writing exciting and involving music. He’s clearly also capable of throwing a bit of a strop. Tonight we got little of the former and a lot of the latter.

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8835 Posted By: Daniel Cressey (London, UK)

Thanks for your comment, I'm sorry if I misinterpreted what went on that night. I wasn't trying to have a go or be nasty; I was just expressing my disappointment that a gig I was really looking forward to wasn't as good as it could have been.


8804 Posted By: Chris T-T (Brighton, UK)

Daniel, this is a nasty re-write of what happened. I wasn't late - we did a 7 minute changeover but the other bands had honestly over-run. And I didn't leave cos I'd had enough, I got kicked offstage by venue goons, who have a strict curfew and threatened to cut power and charge me for any over-run. And It REALLY wasn't my fault the set was 20 minutes. It's also bullshit that I didn't try to make up for it, I did my best but sound onstage was fucked as well, plus I'd just been shouted at by some rude techie. Finally, I wasn't having a go at the crowd with the 'hot chip' comment (I thought the crowd was fine), it was a joke about doing an indie-disco build-up in Giraffes, though maybe it didn't come across because I'll happily admit I was pissed off about the other stuff. I'm sorry you didn't like the song choice - doing M1 Song a cappella was because my drummer was still setting up but we'd been ordered to start and told we only had 20 minutes (and btw you might hate it but a lot of people say it's one of their favourites of my stuff). I'd also happily agree this was a shambolic show and I wasn't happy with it but you've made out that I threw excuses around and was somehow to blame, when actually I got royally fucked over and had the right to have been a fuckload more diva-ish than I was. Gutted that you take the nasty option instead of finding out the truth.

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