Lisa Lindley-Jones is an odd choice as a support to iLiKETRAiNS.Lisa looks like a mid 60's mod era David Bowie but has the charm and vocal ranges of Annie Lennox.

Tonight's set is greeted well by the mainly male crowd whom usually like their music a tad bit darker than Lisa's music. Sennen, the other support act, seem more in tune with the audience's expectations of the evening.

Lisa is dressed in a bright red, 70's retro ladies suit and over 45 minutes delivers a very strong set of womanly anthems, backed by a band which includes a saw player.

Most of the songs have a moody, but strong mainstream sound. As well as Annie Lennox. Lisa recalls Sinead 'O' Connor, which is no bad thing. Some of her songs are quite heavy while others are more acoustic based. She does a reading of Talking Heads 'Road to Nowhere' which is very slow, but which which she as a result makes her own.

This is strong stuff indeed featuring some eccentric but powerful arrangements. Definitely a name to watch.

Set List :

Killing Song
Road to Nowhere
Let It Slip
Sannigen Om Day
Lost Luminaires
Push Me, Push You

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