A week before the release of her solo debut album ‘Watch the Fireworks’, former Delgados front woman Emma Pollock decided to launch the album at the Social in London. The tiny venue was completely rammed full of hardcore fans for her 45 minute set which was delivered in a slightly heavier version then the recorded versions on the album.

She played most of the album and also‘Glorious Day’, the B side of the first single from the album ‘Adrenaline’, which she also performed.

Emma has a natural charm and likes to talk to her flock. She told us that 'Watch the Fireworks' was recorded over an 18 month period and that she is happy to finally get it out there. I am sure that the Delgados’ hardcore will be more than pleased with this great album.

It was very hot at the gig, but in the company of this wonderful Scot, graced with the added beauty of these songs, it was a joy to be here on this night.

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