'30 Century Man' is a 90 minute journey into the mind and history of the artist who is Scott Walker.

Originally announced as film about the making of 'The Drift', his latest offering and only his third studio album in 22 years, '30 Century Man' goes way beyond that.

It is filled with lots of interviews with Scott, but sadly none with Gary or John Walker at all. It also traces his history, showing very rare videos and footage of the Walker Brothers' first Hollywood show which features a young Scott on bass while John Walker sings.

The audience I watched it with in Nottingham left stunned as Scott Walker is no longer the fluffy pop artist he was in the 60's. He is strictly experimental these days and his last three studio albums, 'Climate of the Hunter', 'Tilt' and 'The Drift' require work from the listener.

'30 Century Man' is boosted by interviews from celebrity fans like Jarvis Cocker, Johnny Marr and David Bowie, whom also was the executive producer of the film.

A stunning piece of work but for hardcore fans of Scott only.

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