Stuffy/The Fuses are a four piece from London. Unusually Stuffy sings as well as being the drummer. The rest of the band are Jen Fuse on guitar and vocals, Jon Fuse on bass and Lucy Fuse on piano, synthesiser and vocals. The guitarists in the Fuses and Stuffy have been together since 2003 with Lucy joining them in 2006.

Carpe Diem is full of people drinking on the circuit, but even so they stop and have a look at each band before deciding whether or not to stay and listen. This makes for a good atmosphere and by the time Stuffy/The Fuses come on the venue is full of people prepared to have a listen.

Stuffy is a charismatic front person and chats away filling in between songs. Apparently he hates doing this, but it doesn’t show. The Fuses seem to take a back seat to him. Maybe they are shy. More likely they are busy tuning up their guitars, but it does make them look a bit two dimensional which I'm sure they aren't. It's always difficult though when one person is so outspoken and such a big character.

The audience warms to them and enjoys the lively performance. Stuffy jokes with first band, the Revelators, who all seem to be wearing hats - getting them to stand up and wave their hats in the air. He also raises a laugh when he knocks over the floor tom. The set doesn’t belong to him and he adopts a guilty expression. The drum is duly retrieved and they continue with hardly a pause in true professional style, followed by an apology to the kit's owner.

Stuffy/The Fuses play witty indie-rock music that goes down well on a Saturday night in Leeds, and is a deal more original than some of those who we get foisted upon us by the choices of those in the industry. Keep an eye out for them if they come your way. They are pretty entertaining.

The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Neil Bailey

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