Proof that every cliché has a use appears tonight at Koko. While headliners the Walkmen are tied up in one or another part of the UK’s ever more 1984 security regime, Sound Team take to the stage in a blur of synth driven rock, the silver lining in the cloud.

As the initally muddy sound clears progressively more layers make themselves clear though. At times a slight retro, even 80's feeling seems to be hovering in the background. But it is this feeling more of a irresistible synth-hook such as appears on the standout ‘Back in Town’ that makes this a delicious change from the normal.

Sound Team also seem to appreciate the danger of monotony, so while the pace doesn’t let up it never gets boring as they swing from pummelling numbers like 'Handful of Billions' to the more considered tune of 'Movie Monster', which is still welded to ferocious vocals spat out like curses.

Unashamed pop, driving noise and simply head-nod inducingly good, Sound Team more than fill the gap before the Walkmen can reach us. If someone had to fill the gap tonight, I’m glad it was them.

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