iLiKETRAiNS are the headliners tonight on a bill which also includes multi-instrumental five piece the Strange Death of Liberal England and recent Beggar’s Banquet signings the Early Years.

I have embraced iLIKETRAiNS’ debut mini album, ‘Progress Reform’ since it came out in the summer, and it is my favourite album of the year so far. They play an eight song set, and their doom-ridden lyrics and heavy guitars pass by all far too quickly.

One new song is thrown to us called ‘Hold Back the Cavalry’, while songs like ‘Terra Nova’ and ‘A Rook House for Bobby’ were greeted like long lost friends by an appreciative audience. ‘Stainless Steel’ is meanwhile is as savage a song as possible about a useful kitchen appliance.

Sadly no new material has hit the shops yet but ILiKETRAiNS have recently signed to Beggars which which should provide them with a much deserved bigger audience.

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