As part of the Spitz’s Festival of Folk, Lupen Crook arrives on stage alone, with his 12 string acoustic guitar in tow. He opens his set with the fantastic ‘Here to be Friends’, a song that sounds quite beautiful, but contradicts its sound with lines like “I’ve been thinking of taking you in your sleep”. 'Lucky 6', a fan favourite, sounds record perfect. Crook fills his performance with electric energy, and spits his lyrics out with bile. After a few solo songs, he’s joined on stage by his band, the Murderbirds, who take their places on drums and bass/electric organ duties.

There are choice songs from Crook’s debut album, 'Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping', such as ‘The Great Fear’ and ‘Matilda V’, and some new songs; ‘The Critic’ and ‘Fire Brigade’ being the most memorable. ‘Fire Brigade’ is an organ lead track that really reminded me of the Specials, which is a very good thing.

I went to this show expecting to be blown away, and though it was not as electrifying as previous Lupen Crook shows I’ve seen, it was still a fantastic gig, and further proved that Crook and the Murderbirds are one of the most exciting new bands in the UK.

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