After a dreadful week for the ever-present-in-the-media Peter Doherty, his band Babyshambles (what do you mean you never knew he was in a band?) head to Newcastle to promote their forthcoming album ‘Down In Albion’. As his girlfriend’s fucked off to the States to sort out her drug "problem" (I can’t believe a supermodel would use cocaine - the outrage) Pete does seem a tad subdued this evening. There’s no banter, no jumping, no falling over, no controversy. Babyshambles take to the stage and remind everyone just why Doherty should be making headlines – his songs.

Playing cuts from the forthcoming album to a crowd of drooling teenagers (and me), the band impress with tight playing and in key singing. ‘What Katy Did Next’ and ‘Down In Albion’ are the standout tracks tonight, but the place really goes wild for the closing double act of ‘Killamangiro’ and ‘Fuck Forever’ – single of the century after tonight’s rendition.

Babyshambles reminded everyone what their real purpose is tonight, and previewed an album which promises very much to live up to the hype. At forty minutes and without an encore, however, I feel slightly robbed, given that I paid the same for this show as I did for Oasis a few weeks earlier. But, promoters’ greed aside, Babyshambles were fantastic, but you won’t have heard about it because nothing beyond the pale occurred, so our reliable tabloids kept their mouths shut about it. My initial misgivings about going to see them were blown out of the window with a low key yet passionate performance. Don’t believe the hype, believe the music.

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