The Conway Story hail from various parts of the globe, and the fact that they are playing together as a band now is a great advertisement for diversity. Basing themselves in London now, and playing emotion-led power pop, they fuse influences ranging from Smashing Pumpkins to Razorlight, and are here in Newcastle to promote upcoming second single ‘Photogenic’.

Looking like a Camden hippy but sounding like a Shoreditch rocker, singer Nik Owens holds the band together with a natural presence. The band produce a sound not a million miles away from Puressence, a band they’ve never even heard of, but with a harder and more optimistic edge to the vocals. A packed out venue waiting to see main act the Bluetones takes them to their hearts after one song, and by the end of their 25 minute set they’ve won themselves a northeastern fan base to be proud of. The new single itself is a fantastic Muse-esque blast of electro rock, winning them many fans tonight.

Following the release of ‘Photogenic’, The Conway Story plan to release their debut album in early 2006, and we should brace ourselves for the impact. On tonight’s showing, there’ll be a definite harder edge to next year's British tastes.

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