'The Wild Highway' is the new book of Bill Drummond and Mark Manning.

Bill Drummond is the ex-manager of Echo and the Bunnymen and the Teardrop Explodes, and is also main man of the KLF and the founder of Liverpool's most successful indie label Zoo records. He is now a novelist and book writer. Mark Manning, his co partner here, is the former front man of Zodiac Mindwarp.

'The Wild Highway'had its launch at Borders in Oxford Street in London. Both men read from the book, which is an account of their travels to find the tree of knowledge. Van Morrison had told them their souls had been taken by the devil and they had to reclaim them. Believing that Eden is in the heart of Africa, and being two rich pop stars with too much time on their hands, they went off to get their souls back.

The book lasts some 400 plus pages, and what they read out is certainly engaging, but can you really think that someone like Drummond who burned a million pounds in cash as an art statement is really completely there ?

He dresses as a gentleman these days but I am that sure most people there were more interested in his past than his present......

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