Lucky Dog Recordings is the new label of Tindersticks main man Stuart A. Staples. Both its first two releases have come out on 7” vinyl and are limited to 500 copies each.

The first ‘Kirby/Little Poppy Farmer’ is by Lorenzo Fragiacomo, while the second ‘Friday Night/Say Something Now’ is by Stuart himself. Lorenzo’s record has already sold out but there are still copies of Stuart’s single around.

Lorenzo is still at the moment a bartender in Trieste. ‘Kirby’ starts off with a horse grunt, which is then followed by an urgent Spanish classical guitar being strummed hard. A psychedelic organ drips all over the track giving it a spaghetti western feel. ‘Little Poppy Farmer’ features a vocal whereas its A side is an instrumental. ‘Little Poppy Farmer’ again features a strummed guitar and an organ. It sounds like a 60’s movie theme tune and the instrumentation on it is very minimalist

Stuart’s ‘Friday Night’ features a deep upright bass and a familiar-sounding Staples vocal, which nevertheless is a little slower than the normal and more audioable too. It is very mellow and easy on the ears.

‘Say Something Now’ is like a stripped down version of Tindersticks. The introductory drum beat sounds like ‘Mad World’ by Tears for Fears. It has some pleasant acoustic guitar. A violin assists the track later on. It not as dominant as it is in Tindersticks, but it helps the track become more urgent and gives it a more manic Velvet Underground style grace.

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