The Tears are Bernard Butler (guitar), Brett Anderson (vocals, Makoto Sakamoto (drums), Nathan Fisher (bass) and Will Foster (keyboards).

I will be honest. I had never had any time for Suede, In fact, I really hated them, especially their fans, many of whom were completely up their own a**es. The only time I ever saw Suede was at the Camden Falcon, the night they signed to Nude, and I only stayed because Morrissey was there, and I got to talk to him for the first time.

Tonight is a gig to plug the Tears' debut single release, 'Refugees' and it is full but not that full. There are people joining the back of the crowd during the band's whole 6 song set.

The set kicks off with 'Lovers' and instantly you are aware of who are on stage. It instantly sounds like Suede, but the sound this time is harder and more solid. The Tears have instantly reclaimed their old fan base, and the old magic is back.

All 6 songs were well formed, and more rock than pop, as was much of Suede's latter material. '2 Creatures' showed the band in a more reflective mood, while 'Apollo' recalled early 70's style Bowie, the sort of thing which Suede always did well. The set was closed with 'Southern Rain' , a heavy piano-based ballad which showed the Tears have more than one side to them.

Set List :

2 Creatures
Southern Rain.

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