Flogging Molly have been selling out shows across the UK, so I was a little surprised that they hadn't done so in Sheffield.  Once inside the venue I, however, found that the bigger room had been opened up for them, and the place was packed.  Pretty good going for Sheffield on a Thursday night.
The band features Irish and American members, and the music owes a lot to traditional Irish music, and is uplifting and gets your feet tapping. There were more than a few people linking arms and dancing around.  Lyrically many of the songs are about being broken hearted, although you wouldn't think so from the music, with a few political references and a couple of seafaring type songs, including 'Queen Anne's Revenge'.  For some reason the fans have picked up on this, and there were pirates galore waving plastic swords, "What's with the pirates?" asks singer Dave King, uncertain as to why they've picked up on one particular song.
I'd read that fiddle player, Bridget Regan, had injured her hand, so there was to be no fiddle playing for tonight's gig.  That was a shame, because, although the music was good, I felt that the fiddle would have really added to it.  Luckily she did come on to play the penny whistle for a few of the numbers, which worked really well.  I'd like to see them again once she recovers. They're a good party band, and the atmosphere at the gig was really friendly and jolly and I and my friends had a good night out.

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