American Music Club are a great band that even now over 20 years from first forming are still a secret. 'Love Songs for Patriots',which was released in September, is their first album since they reformed back in early spring of last year after an 8 year break, and it is a fine record. It has come out on CD on Cooking Vinyl, and on vinyl on Devil in the Woods. Devil in the Woods have made us wait ages for the double vinyl, but it has been worth the wait. It is beautifully packaged, and even has a bonus extra track.

The album kicks off with 'Ladies and Gentlemen' with a deep soul searching vocal from Mark Eitzel, the band's frontsman, who Is one of the few people I have interviewed whom has never ever delivered a duff album, or played a bad gig. The music backing this is chaotic, dark and broody, and unlike anything else out there.

'Another Morning, follows and is much lighter in texture and even fluffy. Marks' vocal is lighter and like everything Mr Eitzel does it speaks volumes to your soul. 'Patriot's Heart' is a dark tale of a gay male stripper and the bar and the men in his life.

'Love is...' is uplifting and a softly played tale of love and loss. 'Job to Do' is perfect, and played in a way that only the American Music Club do.

'Only Love Can Set You Free' is in my Top Ten songs ever recorded already. It is again perfectly played musically and is quite poppy, with a golden textured vocal. What more do you want? Blood, well, Mark gives that too......

'Mantovani the Mind Reader' is very laid back slowcore Americana. 'Home' is more upbeat, and a song about finding oneself.

'Myopic Songs' again is one of my favourite songs ever, beautifully played, and as delicate as a hug, and as lovely as a wet morning kiss from your dog or cat, because a woman could not give you this much affection. That' s why us blokes love Mark Eitzel. He is there for us screwed up guys.

'America Loves the Minstrel Show' is a groovy narrative tale. 'The Horseshoe Wreath in Bloom' is a very countryish tale about spending time at the Columbia Hotel. 'Song of the Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship' is acoustic based and sounds a bit like the Fab Four's 'Dear Prudence'.

'The Devil Needs You' has a soft vocal, and. again delicately delivered ends in a jazzy fashion, with deep bass, pit pat drums, and a slow trumpet which sounds lonesome and very film noir.

The CD ends here, but the vinyl carries on with '1,000 Miles' which has very elegant piano, soft drums, and Mark singing about Jesus and driving 1,000 miles. It is as good as anything on the CD. One of the albums of last year or any year.

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