The first Laibach DVD is a fine package of promo videos that trace the way the Austrian band have evolved in the 25 years since they first formed and during the progression
of the video age.

The DVD kicks off with 'Drzava', which is a performance
based piece shot in black and white with Michael Clark dancers and Nazi images. It is very dark in feel, in a similiar style to the Peter Cushing 1955 filmed BBC version of Orwell's '1984'. It is very avant garde and done in an industrial Gothic fashion.

'Opus Dei' is actually the first of many covers, and was sung originally by Opus under the original title of 'Life is Life'. Directed in colour and sung in English, it is very beautifully directed with pictures of the countryside and deers and waterfalls,but needless to say as it progresses it gets darker.

"Geburt Einer Nation' is a German sung version of Queen's 'One Nation.The whole film has a weird industrial look but has been made with a sense of humour, and looks like a coloured film remake of 1919's avant garde masterpiece 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'

Next up is their English version of the Rolling Stones 'Sympathy for the Devil,' which is shot like a combination between a low budget Roger Corman flick and a pop video. The song is sung like an Andrew Eldritch/Sisters of Mercy pastiche.

The Beatles 'Across the Universe' comes next and is sung again in English. It is sung like a hymn by a beautiful maiden and Laibach's vocalist only joins the film at the end. Lennon would have approved.

'Wirtschaft Ist Tot' is a wackily y shot sci fi piece, which looks like a Duran Duran video done up in an industrial disco style and sung like David Bowie meeting with the Pet Shop Boys

There then comes their pisstake of the cheesy 80's number "The Final Countdown', which again looks sci fi ish, but like something from 'Tron' or a playstation video game. This is followed by another cover, that of Status Quo's 'In the Army 'now. This video carries on from where the last video finished, and, shot in animation, again looks like a video game.

'War.'is trippy and looks and sounds and looks fairly techno and has a mind bending video. The only live track here is' Alle
Yegen Alle', which again has a very techno look, and industrial gothic in tone, also recollects the soundtrack to 'The Omen'..

'God is God' is in your face rock. 'Tanz Mit Laibach' is industrially
gothic both in the way it looks and sounds and quite danceable. as is the last video, 'Das Spiel Ist Aus' which again is fast paced and danceable.

The DVD ends with an EPK (Electronic press kit. i.e. promo video to you, or I) which proves to be an interesting film of the history of the band and how they have got to where they are today. It is politically thought provoking. Laibach's music is not for straights, It makes you think about the world we live in, so that much makes it essential viewing.alone.

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