Well what do you know ? Another come back tour from the 80's. Okay, so this band aren’t one of those new romantic acts that all the now 30 somethings like, but in fact that lovely Rockabilly outfit with the crazy Mullets.

I first heard of the Stray Cats after falling in love with Brian Setzer’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and then discovered the Stray Cats, his previous band, through that, which was as good a way of finding them as any.

Anyway, enough of my history ! What about this DVD lark then ? Well, it's pretty cool with some awesome extra features, including footage showing the band in the studio recording a new track that is shown exclusively on the DVD and a behind-the-scenes diary type affair of the Stray Cats European tour. Apart from this it’s a pretty standard band playing live DVD affair with Brixton Academy shown in all its glory and which appears, depending upon the capabilities of your television, in both a standard Stereo mix and a fancy 5.1 surround sound mix.

The band play most of their classic back catalogue including a great rendition of 'Stray Cat Strut'. Apart from this, however, it feels as if they are just going through the motions and they bring very little excitement in my eyes to their set. This is no fault of their own, but it kind of dispels the effect when you realise how many records the band has sold and, therefore, how much money the band must have tucked away in their piggy banks.

The other thing that struck me about Mr Setzer himself is how “80’s” his solo’s are. In some aspects this is cool but I can’t help imagining the hair metal bands of the time, when he struts his way across the stage spanking away on his vintage Gretsch Archtop guitars.

If you liked them the first time round then this DVD is a must have. If you want a “best of” album then just buy the live 'Rumble in Brixton' CD which has been released concurrently with this as the DVD doesn’t add huge amounts of anything extra to the whole experience.

All in all a good collectors piece for the person who “must have” the entire Stray Cats catalogue but nothing essential to the “average Joe” Record listener.

Rockabilly does rule though.

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