The Midnight Creeps are from Rhode Island and are influenced by many of the very best bands that sprang from the New York and Detroit 70's punk scene. They are equal parts reminiscent of the Stooges, the New York Dolls, the Ramones and the Voidods. and played an extremely energetic set at the London Metro on a recent short British tour.

Singer Jenny Hurricane had a great stage presence. She has shoulder length blonde hair and wore a short black skirt with stockings and suspenders, a dark T-shirt and a black studded belt. Her clothes style recalls that of the early punkettes like the Runaways and Niagara from Destroy All Monsters

Bass player Jonas Parmalee wore blue jeans, a leather jacket and baseball pumps, and, with hair that hangs down over his eyes and keeping his legs astride during the whole performance, looked like a Ramone. New guitarist
Jamie had a stripy shirt and spiky Richard Hell-style blonde hair, while last but certainly not least, drummer , the suitably-titled Jeff Creep, wore black jeans, and a black t shirt and had a Jerry Nolan teddy boy style quiff.

All of this made for a great looking band with an authentic edge. Jeff's guitar licks recalled those of Captain Sensible in his early years with the Damned with their wild, sparking style. They complemented very well the very hard, raucous vocals of Jenny Hurricane . Jeff's drum playing was fast and furious, while Jonas' bass had a raw, heavy sound.

This was, in all but time, a great 70's punk show, and the Midnight Creeps played a thoroughly entertaining set. They are very much a credit to the influences that they so very much admire.

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