The Glads served up the first helping of garage rock with some howling, raunchy rock .The title of a new song debuted at the show was 'Where Did My Wolfman Go?'

The Singles started off at a slight disadvantage, since lead guitarist Will Yates was busy furthering his education. Singer and rhythm guitarist Vince Frederick, in addition to having to shoulder the extra guitarwork himself, also sounded a little ragged at times.

It’s a tribute to the band’s frequent gigging that neither of those setbacks stopped them from delivering a swift, punchy set of modbeat. Drummer Dave Knepp kept the pace up with his rapid-fire fills, and the entire band displayed a more vigorous stage presence than their last Ottawa outing (opening for fellow Rainbow Quartz artists Outrageous Cherry along with the Three-Four-Tens).

The band was obviously enjoying themselves as they whipped through their album and a handful of new tracks intended for an upcoming album, with a whole lot of shaking from Frederick and bassistDave Lawson.

They returned for a four-song encore and ended the show with a rocked-up version of their song 'I’m Coming Home To You.'

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