Well, it is the first week of December and everyone gathered here is already in a party mood. The Inspiral Carpets are not just a great live band, but also, of course, a groovy band to party too...

The evening kicks off with a 40 minute set from Puressence, whom to my ears make more sense than Radiohead, but who come from a similar direction. They go down down very well.

After the fabulous set on their previous tour in April, tonight's stage set leaves a lot to be desired. There is no film show or special effects like last time, just a number of large milk bottles on stage.

The set is shorter than last time too lasting a mere 85 minutes but the songs they play are different which is a good thing . The band play mainly a singles set with two covers thrown in in the encore , both of which come from the 60's. Only two new songs are played both from their recent three CD 'Cool as ....' box set, the first disc of which has now been pulled from it and released as a Greatest Hits album.

A classic band who live up to their legend.It is good to have them back, if only for a short while.

Set List :

The Real Thing
Come Back Tomorrow
She Comes in the Fall
Saturn 5/
Two Worlds Collide
I Want You
Directing Traffic
Dragging Me Down
Out of Hand
Out of Time
96 Tears
Tainted Love
This is How It Feels

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