...and it's all over again.

I really do hate the come down after a great night out. And the 3rd Penny Black Music Night at the Spitz was great I think everyone, who came along, will agree.

Looking back on it now I have to admit we didn't probably pick the best Saturday of the year with the weather reaching high temperatures. I would also imagine there were a lot of you not pleased with us for organising a gig in the middle of holiday season. Sincere thanks though to everyone who came along on the night.

The first fans started appearing just before 8:00 p.m. to make sure they don't miss a second of Kelman, the first support of the night. The 3 piece London based Kelman started their debut appearance at 8:15 p.m. exactly. Singer and guitarist Wayne Gooderham, drumer Marc Gooderham and cellist Jane Cockfoster created a calm and welcoming athmosphere right at the beginning of the night.

Kelman's slot was then followed by the appearance of another relatively new band, the Lazarus Effect. 4 men in black appeared on the stage as the clock struck 9 p.m. Their music brought in more energy and louder tunes with singer Jonjo McNeil's voice full of character.

And then we were already half way through the night with 2 bands behind us. The next band, Bikini Atoll, are better known around London having played together for about 4 years now. By now the auditorium was almost full. If you came along, you would probably agree that all those reviews comparing the band to Nick Cave or Joy Division were right in what they are talking about. Bikini Atoll went down particulary well, and it would be fair to say that the audience weren't very happy when the band closed their set shortly after 10:15 p.m.

Lupine Howl were last. We watched the 5 piece Bristol band preparing for their set while the projector above our heads showed the LH logo at the back wall of the stage. A sense of anticipation spread across the venue, which was finally comforted just before 11 when the 5 members of the Britsol band walked up on the stage. It is well known that singer and guitarist, Sean Cook, and guitarist,Mike Mooney, used to play with Spiritualized and their long term experience and talent showed on the night. The band kicked off with the first song, 'Grave to Go To' off their second album, 'The Bar At The End Of The World', and had the audience moving right away.

Video images were shown through out the whole set to very impressive effect.

Lupine Howl closed their set with a definite full stop, concluding it with 'The Jam That Ate Itself'.

And that was it. Back to the hot weather the next day and recovering from the night out.

I would only add that you can see all 3 support bands playing regularly in London and Lupine Howl in Bristol. For more information check their web sites on:


Kelman don't have a website yet, but you can join their e-mailing list by contacting kelmanband@yahoo.co.uk.

We are now working on the 4th Pennyblackmusic night, which will hopefully take place in November. There is lots to look forward to!

Thank you to Lupine Howl, Bikini Atoll, the Lazarus Effect and Kelman for great performances and thanks again to everyone who came along and for supporting Pennyblackmusic. It wouldn't be possible without you.

We will see you in November.


A Grave To Go To
New Born Soul
Dark Night
Don't Lose Your Head
Guided By Voices
Misty Mountain Hop
The Jam That Ate Itself

Silver Moon
Black Dog
Cheap Trick
Then Amplify
Desolation Highway
Shark Requiem
Eve's Rib

Someone Always Comes
Music Box

Some Things Never Work Out
New Song (untitled)
These Days
Shut A Final Door
A New Career In A New Town

The photographs that accompany this article were all taken by Matthew Williams exclusively for Pennyblackmusic

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