The Track and Field label's Pow! To The People festival, which takes place every Easter Sunday, is now up to its fourth year. It always makes for a long but enjoyable day.

Sister Vanilla, which is fronted by Linda Reid, the sister of the Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim and William, have played before with Freeheat, Jim's latest group, as a backing band. Tonight's show, however, is their first real gig. Downstairs in the bar I find both Linda and Jamie Holman from Tompaulin, who is Sister Vanilla's bassist for tonight. Both are very edgy and nervous, which is unlike either of them. The band consists, as well as Linda and Jamie, also of Tap from Tompaulin and Shin from Earl Brutus on guitars , and ex-Electrafixion member George Phillips (ex-Electrafixion) on drums.

Linda announces the gig by asking "Guess who we are ?". A punter shouts "Vanilla Spice" and Linda says "Yeah".

Sister Vanilla open up with 'K To Be Lost' and very much prove to be a tight little unit. George screws the second song up and is told off by Linda and the audience, but returns to rock out with a great version of Freeheat's 'What Goes Around'. Jamie then gets to sing with Linda on 'Angel' which is a fine number and has a Mary Chain vibe. The band play a 40 minute set, which is great . The vocals, however, are a bit inaudible, because the sound system in the Monarch is pretty crappy. As with all Monarch gigs, it's the fact that you were there that is important..

The band finish the set with a fine rendition of ' Moe Tucker' from the Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Munki' album.

This was a fine proper debut gig. Both Linda and Jamie thought it went swell!

Set List:

K To Be Lost
What Goes Around
Can't Stop The Rock
Head Fix
Pastel Blue
The 2 Of Us
Moe Tucker

The photographs that accompany this article were take by Bob Stuart and originally appeared on his website

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