Pennyblackmusic photographer Matt Williams' first exhibition of rock photography opens at the West End Centre in Aldershot, England in April.

Matt, who became a professional photographer in 1993, took his first rock photo at an early Reuben concert in Brackwell in 1999. While he has worked in other genres, rock has remained his main specialism ever since , and his photos have appeared in magazines such as NME, Careless Talk Cost Lives, Metal Hammer and Kerrang as well as on Pennyblackmusic.

The exhibition features 35 photos that Matt has taken over the last four years. Matt says that he thinks that the art of taking a good rock photo is to treat a band or a subject being photographed like normal people regardless of their level of fame, and to have a genuine respect and admiration for their music. He believes that this is reflected in each one of the photos that make up the exhibition.

The exhibition will open up on April 4th and will run through until April 26th. Admission is free,but prints of all the photos displayed will be on sale.

The West End Centre's address is Queens Road, Aldershot, GU11. 3JD. The telephone number for its adminstration office is 01252 408040, while its box office number is 01252 330940. It can also be be contacted by e-mail at and by fax at 01252 408041.

The 6 photos that accompany this article are in order of 28 Days, Cephas, Cold Harbor, Cousteau, This Girl and Vex Red, and will all be featured in the exhibition.

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