Medium 21 formed in the last year of the last century. The Northampton quartet then put out their first EP 'In Awe Of Agriculture' on the London-based indie label Outafocus records in 2000. From there the band moved to the slightly larger indie Fierce Panda records to record a single 'Plans Aren't Enough'. At the moment the band are settled at Temptation Records. Temptation Records was set up as the result of a deal between Fierce Panda and the major label Universal Records. Medium 21's new EP 'Acting Like A Mirror' is the first release of this new collaboration.

The EP kicks off with the rousing and rebellious 'Acting Like A Mirror'. John, the singer, looks for self-indulgence in every line of the lyrics. "You're acting like mirror, You're acting like a mirror " he chants.

The following track 'Honeymoon Hearse', like 'Acting Like a A Mirror', has a scratchy sound. There are brief gaps in which the exuberant sound of tune drops away and the tune turns briefly more stylish and fluent. The vocals likewise lower and harmonise with the music.

The instrumental 'Theme From Studio 2' comes next. This third track overflows with serenity. Keyboards create all kinds of odd noises , but nevertheless are so perfectly toned that they slip in gracefully alongside the rest of the tune.

"I've got you now?I feel I want you." confesses John on the last song, the ballad 'Evil Dancer'. Bass and guitars swing along, bringing the tune and this thoroughly enjoyable EP to a gentle end.

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