Lynam's history first took root in Newcastle in the early 90's, when JonjoMcNeill (Vocals, Guitar) and Daniel Walton (Bass ), who were both aged 16 at the time, began to play music together. When the two friends reached 18 they moved to Sheffield to attend its university, and also to recruit another 2 members for the band which they intended to form. Adrian Falconer (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and James Mason (Drums) , both of whom were Stone Roses and Charlatans fans, were the obvious choices, and Lynam was soon after born.

The band quickly built up a strong fan base. Until recently Lynam were
usually the headliners at Sheffield venues such as the Boardwalk and the Barfly. Many people fell in love with Lynam's tunes. The friendly approach of the band is reflected generously in their music . There is both a gentleness and creativity in their relatively dense guitar sound, while Jonjo's hoarse, but caring voice is a passionate force.

Last June the four band members graduated and decided to try out their luck in London, Britain's musical capital. Leaving their fans behind in tears, the band moved to Streatham in South London. Since then they have played at various venues around London and have started to recruit new fans.

The band have recently also released, what they describe, as their debut 'demo' album 'Carnaged & Martyred', a 12 song CD which they are selling exclusively on-line, and which they have also started to send out to record labels.

Pennyblackmusic talked to the band at their first headlining London show at the Half Moon pub in Putney. The Half Moon is an popular, but small music venue and has hosted in the past great acts such the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Kate Bush and U2. Is that a sign of things to come?

We sat around a long wooden table in its bar. Below a loud speaker that bellowed out music, we began rewinding the band's history, clarifying the present and looking into the future.

PB: Did you have many fans in Sheffield?

Jonjo: Yeah, we had quite a lot of fans. Now we have moved to London and none of them have moved here with us. (Laughs) We were getting quite packed up gigs when we were there.

PB: Will you be still going up there to play?

Jonjo: Yeah, it's a good place to play, but the thing is that it doesn't get any bigger.

DW : As soon as we got big enough to headline, we moved down to London and have now had to start all over again.

Jonjo : It is also proving difficult to move our stuff over to venues
because we haven't got a van. We rely on public transport. The first gig we played was in Camden at the Dublin Castle. It took us 4 hours to move the stuff over there. And then it took us even longer to get it all back the next day.

PB: What was the main reason you moved to London?

Daniel : The band. In Sheffield there is never going to be any A&R in
audience and we would like to secure a record deal.

PB: Is 'Carnaged & Martyred' your first release?

Jonjo: No, we brought a single out about a year ago. It's one of the songs on the album called 'Disappointed'.

PB: Is the single still available?

Jonjo : There are not many of them left. They were only £ 2 each. We had a launch party for it with the Repomen (Pennyblackmusic Writer Denzil Watson's band), who brought out their EP 'Reel me Cuber/Eyes on the Road' at the same time.

PB: Could you tell me more about the new album you have just put out?

Jonjo : It's not really the complete album. It's more of a demo of the
album. Also we are not setting up a label for it. We will be selling it on our web site and a few other sites including Pennyblackmusic.

PB: What kind of label would like to release your music on?

Jonjo : We would like to sign to one of indie labels such as Fierce Panda. We'd love to be on major some day. We wouldn't like, however, to be controlled... well, we probably need to be (Laughs).It may be a good idea actually.

Other members agree and laugh.

PB: How do you work on writing music and lyrics ?

Daniel: Jonjo writes most of them, but we have written a few of them
together as well.

PB to Jonjo: What is the main inspiration for your lyrics?

Jonjo: What ever is pissing me off at the time. Like in the song
'Hypocrite', I saw some vandalism on wall. And it didn't make any sense. It was just bullshit. I wrote a song about that -People that are trying to be socially conscious, but are not.

PB: Do you want people to listen to lyrics ?

Jonjo: It would be nice. Some of them are shit though (Laughs).

PB: Do you change lines on stage ?

Jonjo: Yeah, quite regularly (The other members laugh). Especially lately. We were supporting some French band the other week and all their friends came. They came and stood right in front of the stage and started kissing each other! No one could see. I changed the lyrics then to sort of "Sit down you rude fucking bastards!" but they weren't unfortunately listening.

James: I wrote something as well, but it was acid-jazz/punk . The others can't handle that kind of music. (All laugh). Sometimes I feel I need to express myself in acid jazz.

PB: Where do you rehearse?

Jonjo: In our house in cellar. We have also this old 16 track on which
record things.

PB: What music do you listen to?

Daniel: I will sum it up. Jonjo likes the Stone Roses, Primal Scream,
Bowie. He also likes anything by...

James: ...shitty Indie bands... (laughs)

Jonjo: No! I like Spiritualized! They are not a shitty indie band!

Daniel: James listens to Primal Scream, Radiohead and the Stone Roses.
Adrian likes the Pixies, Eels or Idlewild. I really like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Coldplay.

PB: Do you want to stay in London? Jonjo: Yeah, I think so. I like it here. Every day is somehow different. We want to get a band a car, I think and that will make things much easier.

PB: Last question. Which song by Lynam is your favourite?

Jonjo: I think 'Hypocrite'. The melody is really good and it's instant and I think it has the best lyrics. Adrian wrote the music.

James: I like it the best as well. I think it's just tremendous. I mean the drums... I really like the drums. I think they are incredible. (Laughs)

Jonjo: I think we are all like that (Laughs). We don't really come across as a group because we all make sure we are individuals as well

PB: Thank you.

Lynam: Thank you.

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