The Insitute of Contemporary Arts, or the I.C.A. as it is better known, is a pleasant venue/gallery/bar/theatre and cinema down Pall Mall and towards Buckingham Palace.

It is also the smallest venue that the Delgados have played in years. Tonight is more of a showcase than a normal gig, and in between lots of talking and chat from vocalist Emma Pollock, the band deliver most of their new album 'Hate' , and also a few of their other earlier songs. The band are joined by 6 other musicians on strings and brass

After coming on stage at 9.45 p.m., the band play a 75 minute to the loyal hardcore fans that dominate the audience. It is well received and lapped up by the crowd. Emma and Alun Woodward's vocals are clear. The strings work well, but the brass, however, is too loud.

On the whole it is lovely music, but very dark. Emma's golden voice is such that she could be playing the Devil's music and it would still sound sweet. I don't think 'Hate' will appeal to non fans though.

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