Our Website of the Month this month is www.twee.net , a website dedicated exclusively to music with a C86 or "twee" indiepop sound. One of the most comprehensive and detailed music databases on the web, www.twee.net is the official web site of the Indiepop mailing list, a worldwide music electronic mailing-list which is devoted to the discussion of independently produced pop music.

The website was created in the mid 90s by Steve Thornton, who lives in Seattle ; Robin Humble from Melbourne and German Peter Hahndorf. Thornton and Humble have now both left the fold, and Hahndorf, who lives in London, now runs the site on his own, with occasional help from fellow enthusiasts, as " a non-profit venture...to provide information about his favourite music."

The site contains A-Z band and label biographies and discographies, a "Who is Who in indiepop", features and articles about the Twee and C86 movement, record reviews, a search facility box and information about the mailing list and record shops, pop festivals and fanzines from all over the world. It is up-dated almost on a daily basis.

Handhof has also run a record label under the Tweenet umbrella. It has in collaboration with other labels released the popular indiepop compilations 'Seven Summers' and 'The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 1' and 'Volume 2', and also the Desert Wolves retrospective 'Pontification' and the Siddeleys 'Slum Clearance'.The label has recently changed its name to Clarendon Records , and has retrospectives of the eighties groups Hey Paulette and The Passmore Sisters planned for release later this year.

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