Triple bill! Me, Rah Bras, both pretty crap, and then the long awaited debut on a Nijmegen stage of Melt Banana. One of the most innovative bands of the decade, Melt Banana released the impressive 'Teeny Shiny' earlier in the year which hinted at an occasional lower gear in their sound. With just over a hundred people present, the venue didn't look deserted but you'd hardly a first, second or third generation punk in the audience. Hey, Melt Banana is the only punk band which comes on to me. Some people think differently. Apparently Blink 1something is where they waste their youth on these days. So, it wasn't the most challenging situation for Melt Banana. Pulling off, what I took to be, not their best selection of tunes, their absurdism wasn't hammered as hard as I expected. Ingenious often enough though, somehow I felt their set lacked that skizzo venom. And I wasn't surprised to hear that Melt Banana had been hit a bit by flu.When I walked home in a shower, both the flu and the memory of Melt Banana still, however, made me feel pretty warm.

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