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Kirsty MacColl Antholology
Featuring hits, album cuts, rare b-sides, live sessions and more*

*32-page detailed coloured booklet*

“…One in a line of great English songwriters that includes Ray Davies, Paul Weller and Morrissey…” BONO

On the 7th April, Salvo proudly present ‘Kirsty MacColl: All I Ever Wanted – The Anthology’, a 2 CD album featuring the hits, album cuts, rare b-sides and live sessions from the much missed singer-songwriter. With accompanying, fully illustrated 32-page booklet, ’All I Ever Wanted – The Anthology’ is the perfect introduction to one of the most distinctive and thrilling voices in pop.

With a delightful, highly dexterous voice, a delicious sense of humour informing a songwriting flair that could rival any of her contemporaries, Kirsty MacColl enjoyed a sparkling career spanning over twenty years before her tragic and untimely passing in 2000. Everything about her defied the conventional 'pop' category, yet she embraced and defended the genre, redeeming it with literate writing that had seldom been seen in British pop since the glory days of Ray Davies and the Kinks.

Overcoming agonising stage fright, long periods of writer's block and depression, she created a hugely successful solo career and collaborated with a legion of people from the Rolling Stones, The Pogues and Johnny Marr to Jools Holland and Happy Mondays.

“…The missing link between Sandie Shaw and Lily Allen…” BILLY BRAGG

Born in Croydon, South London in 1959, flamed-haired Kirsty MacColl was the daughter of folk singer Ewan MacColl. Her own musical career began singing in a band called the Addix, who would eventually sign with the legendary Stiff Records. Her first single, ‘They Don't Know,’ was released in 1979 and would later become a major hit for Tracey Ullman.

Her big break came in 1981 with the single, ‘There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis’ which reached the UK Top 20 and throughout the 1980s, more hits would follow including the Top Ten smash ‘A New England’ and the number 2 Christmas hit of 1987 ‘Fairytale Of New York’, recorded with the Pogues.

With a 2 year period away from the music industry, it was not until 1989 that she released her first major album. ‘Kite’ released on Virgin Records, included Kirsty's hit cover of The Kinks' ‘Days’, and ‘Free World’ and would pave the way for ‘Electric Landlady’, which reached the Top 20 on its release in 1991. Kirsty was joined by Johnny Marr of The Smiths as co-writer and had another hit in the form of ‘Walking Down Madison’, a track which took Kirsty into urban dance. Another notable track was ‘My Affair’, a Latin flavoured feel-good number, which enjoyed a brief stint on the UK charts.

Leaving Virgin Records, Kirsty joined ZTT and released ‘Titanic Days’ in 1994. Although not as commercially successful as its predecessors, the album was critically acclaimed and displayed an even more pensive and gentle side to Kirsty's writing skills. Tracks such as ‘Angel’ and ‘Soho Square" and the title track proved irresistible pop.

Her greatest hits compilation ‘Galore’, a year later, proved to be Kirsty's biggest selling album, debuting in the UK Top 10, and quickly gaining platinum status. After the success of ‘Galore’, Kirsty decided to take time out to continue her travels in Latin American. She had become deeply interested in Cuban and Brazilian music, even teaching herself fluent Spanish and absorbing expert information on the history of this music.

Her final album released in 2000 on V2 entitled, ‘Tropical Brainstorm’, was inspired by her Latin American travels. With songs such as ‘Mambo De La Luna’ and ‘In These Shoes?’ as highlights, the album immediately entered the UK Top 40 and was heralded as her greatest work.

As well as Kirsty’s most well-known hits which all feature here, also included is the 12” version of ‘Terry’, the album version of ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and the rarely heard BBC sessions including ‘A New England’ recorded with Billy Bragg, making this the perfect introduction to Kirsty MacColl for both new and old fans alike.


1 Us Amazonians

2 Days

3 Free World

4 Children of the Revolution

5 Walking down Madison

6 My Affair

7 In These Shoes? .

8 They Don't Know

9 Terry (12" version)

10 Over You

11 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

12 Caroline

13 Touch Me

14 Soho Square

15 All I Ever Wanted (album version)

16 England 2 Colombia 0

17 Wrong Again

18 Don't Come the Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!

19 Last Day Of Summer

20 Golden Heart

21 Bad


1 There's A Guy Who Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis

2 Mother's Ruin

3 Shutting the Doors (With Jools Holland & The Rhythm & Blues Orchestra)

4 Queen of the High Teas

5 See That Girl

6 I'm Going Out With An Eighty Year Old Millionaire

7 Mambo De La Luna

8 Designer Life

9 Big Boy On A Saturday Night

10 Titanic Days

11 Can't Stop Killing You

12 Fairytale Of New York (with The Pogues)

13 Hard To Believe

14 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby

15 A New England (live acoustic BBC session with Billy Bragg)

16 Halloween

17 You and Me Baby

18 Angel (single mix)

19 He's on the Beach (live acoustic BBC session)

20 The End Of A Perfect Day

21 Still Life

22 Innocence (single remix)
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