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View 21/01/2015 New Candys Single/Album
Addictive TV, Rich Mix, London, 26/2/2015

present Orchestra of Samples

- live at RichMix, London on Thursday 26 February 2015 with Howie B -

http://www.addictive.tv /


“Addictive TV take hip-hop's scratch philosophy into the cyberpunk age" - The Guardian

"Light years beyond the gallery realm of masters like Bill Viola" - XLR8R

“Addictive TV are a cut above the rest ... one of the most influential audio-visual acts in the world” - Metro

Electronic duo Addictive TV create music with a difference - it's music you can see. Trail-blazers in the art of audio/video remixing, Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler (aka mash-up DJ Go Home Productions) are known for their dynamic live shows and have now played in over 50 countries. In February 2015 they will present their new ever growing Orchestra of Samples project where they filmed recording sessions with over 150 musicians around the world, then sampled them, effectively creating a digital supergroup of international artists who never met! Five years in the making, they spent 2014 touring the show while also filming, recording and creating new work which they’ll present for the first time, with live accompaniment from the Beatbox Collective’s Bass6, fiddle player and BBC young musician of the year Shona Mooney and live sitar from Baluji Shrivastav.

The Quietus wrote “ the show celebrates cultural commonalities in all their polysyllabic richness: otherwise wildly disparate sources interact with and complement one another in enthrallingly unexpected ways”, and The Times simply called it "ingenious and compelling”.

watch / post / stream Orchestra of Samples trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1m3ZoxUEXQ

watch / post / stream 'Herbal Haze' filmed at the show's premier: http://vimeo.com/7912248

The show: HOWIE B + ADDICTIVE TV + KIZZY CRAWFORD - Thurs 26 Feb - Rich Mix, East London

A night of live innovation starring acclaimed trip hop originator Howie B and pioneers of audio/video sampling Addictive TV, 10 long years since both artists performed a head to head in Tokyo, they recreate it again in London!

The legendary Howie B has been one of the most influential figures in electronic music for two decades. He’s collaborated with Soul II Soul, Björk and Brian Eno. He’s produced U2, Tricky, Sly & Robbie and remixed everyone from Jeff Beck to Steve Reich. His long awaited new album Down With The Dawn, released in 2014 was described by Dazed as “perfect for a thoughtful morning-after-the-night-before”. For this special event, Howie B presents a totally unique improvised live set. Rarely performing live these days, this is truly a not to be missed opportunity.

"Addictive TV is one goggle box you'll want to stay tuned to" said DJ Magazine describing the electronic duo, who twice topped their annual visual DJ poll. The first artists sanctioned by Hollywood to remix movies, the producer/remixers have been at the forefront of the audiovisual scene for well over a decade and have played in a staggering 50 plus countries! They've performed the project so far in the UK, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia and Morocco and this month in Italy at Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Arts. In the UK, Addictive TV have played at festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival, the National Theatre’s Watch This Space, and venues like London's BFI IMAX cinema, Koko, Village Underground and Cargo, Nottingham's Stealth, Bristol's Watershed, Brighton’s Concorde2 and Derby's The Quad, to name a few.

They’re also known for their film remixes and creation of AV super-cuts, having remixed movies as alternative trailers for Hollywood, including Iron Man and Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire. They were instrumental in the development of Pioneer's DVD turntables and AV mixer and currently work with Native Instruments and Resolume testing new software on their AV set-up.

You can read a short biography here: www.addictive.tv/biography

Performing live with Addictive TV on February 26th will be fiddle player from The Shee and BBC young musician of the year Shona Mooney, founder of the all blind Inner Vision Orchestra Baluji Shrivastav on sitar and tablas, and incredible vocal dynamics from the Beatbox Collective's very own Bass6, one of the talents behind the annual UK Beatbox Championships. You can read more about the musicians here:




Support comes from Welsh wunderkind singer/songwriter Kizzy Crawford, named as one of twelve BBC Horizons acts for 2015. At only 16, she won the 2012 Arts Connect Original Singer-Songwriter prize and released the critically lauded ‘Starling’ EP the following year. A wonderfully innovative, sweet blend of jazz, soul and folk with the kind of high water mark song craft to rival Joan Armatrading or John Martyn.

“Addictive TV create the perfect integration of audio and visual technologies in their thrilling live show” - The Huffington Post

“they’ve become famed for their eye-popping live shows, shredding and cutting film with beats into a heady, mind-meltingly funky mixture” - DJ Mag

"More creativity than the Top 40 combined, Addictive TV are indescribably brilliant" - Little White Lies magazine


- Can you tell us a lot more about the “Orchestra of Samples”?

GRAHAM: It’s a huge undertaking, creating this project! It takes a lot of organising! We really wanted to collaborate with many different musicians internationally and that’s very impractical in the real world but of course in the digital world of sampling, it’s very possible. So we took a camera and recording equipment with us while touring and gigging around the planet for 4 years, spending time filming local musicians everywhere we travelled – more than 150 musicians in over 20 countries from Brazil to Senegal in West Africa, even Egypt and Kazakhstan. We then sampled all these recordings to create new music, and it’s visual music because audiences can see the samples! When you see the show, we’ve recontextualised the musicians as if they are playing together, when in reality none of them ever met!

MARK: Orchestra of Samples is also an exploration of musical probability, the idea of bringing together very diverse musicians who wouldn't normally play together, and more to the point their instruments which wouldn’t normally be heard together! It’s a musical journey without borders and the freedom it allows is wonderful. I’ve found working in this way fascinating, especially as I’m also a guitarist, and working outside of normal musical conventions has really opened my eyes, finding really unexpected combinations of instruments we didn’t know about. If it sounds good, why not have an ethereal sounding Japanese Koto used in a pulsating electro track with Turkish tanbur – both are stringed instruments. In fact one of the most fascinating things we've filmed so far was in Mexico with an expert on ancient music who spent years searching for naturally tuned fragments of rock, as he feels hitting rocks would have been the first instrument humans ever played. He lays out the fragments in a musical scale, a bit like a ‘stone xylophone’, and simply plays them by hitting them with another small stone! Incredible and it sounds beautiful.

- What has been the reaction of audiences ?

MARK: The reaction has been amazing. Some have said that it’s like ‘a musical road movie’ or ‘a musical human story’, in fact many have said they ‘were taken on a journey’ saying that ‘the project is very human at its core’. After seeing the premiere in London, a journalist from The Times wrote in a review that the show was "ingenious and compelling", which was great to hear.

GRAHAM: One of the artists involved, who works at the large music institution La Cite de la Musique in Paris, said after he saw the show for the first time that Orchestra of Samples really puts the musicians at the heart of the project. In fact people often seem quite stunned by the fact we filmed all the artists in the whole project, knowing every one of them personally!

“Awesome in a word” - Time Out

“Responsible for mind-bending live entertainment” - The Times, Culture Magazine
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