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New Releases (last 30 days - Summary)
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New Releases (last 30 days) .......

Americana, Alt Country
  • Coronet Blue: Better Day (CD)

  • Hamell on Trial: The Happiest Man in the World (CD)

  • Massy Ferguson: Victory and Ruins (CD)

  • Slambovian Circus of Dreams: A Box of Everything (CD)

  • Avantgarde, Experimental
  • Ashley Reaks: Compassion Fatigue (1-8) (CD)

  • Astronauts: Hollow Ponds (CD)

  • Black Fluo: Billion Sands (CD)

  • National Jazz Trio of Scotland: Standards Vol. III (CD)

  • Polar Bear: In Each and Every One (CD)

  • Shield Patterns: Contour Lines (CD)

  • Swans: To Be Kind (CD)

  • Electro, Electronica
  • Sal: Achtung Banditi! (CDS)

  • Guarage Rock
  • Lonesome Shack: More Primitive (CD)

  • Indie
  • Smittens: Love Record Breaker (CD)

  • Psychedelic, Psych Rock
  • Galileo 7: False Memory Lane (CD)

  • Skull Defekts: Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown (CD)

  • Punk

  • Rock
  • Black Bananas: Electric Black Wall (CD)

  • Chills: Molten Gold/Pink Frost (7")

  • Chrissie Hynde: Stockholm (CD)

  • Comet Gain: Paperback Ghosts (CD)

  • Fist City: It's 1983 Grow Up! (CD)

  • Franklin: Cold Dreamer (CD)

  • Moles: Beauty Queen of Watts/Chills (CDS)

  • Proper Ornaments: Wooden Head (CD)

  • Sea Kings: Woke in the Devil's Arms (CD)

  • Uncle Frank: Smiles for Miles (CD)

  • V/A: The Del Shannon Tribute: Songwriter, Volume 1 (CD)

  • V/A: Bob Dylan In The 80's: Volume One (CD)

  • Singer / Songwriter
  • Andy Fraser: On Assignment (CD)

  • John Howard: Songs For Someone (CDS)

  • Marc Almond: The Dancing Marquis (CD)

  • Peggy Seeger: Everything Changes (CD)

  • Risa Hall: New York Nights (CDS)

  • Sturgill Simpson: Metamodern Sounds in Country Music (CD)

  • Willie Campbell: Dalma (CD)

  • Soul, Funk
  • Wilson Pickett: Live in Japan (CD)