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New Releases (last 30 days - Summary)
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New Releases (last 30 days) .......

Americana, Alt Country
  • Stiv Cantarelli and the Silent Strangers: Banks of the Lea (CD)

  • Avantgarde, Experimental
  • Captain Beefheart: Le Nouvel Hippodrome, Paris 1977 (CD X2)

  • Earth Experiment: People It's Time to Change (CDS)

  • Kerretta: Pirohia (CD)

  • Laura Moody: Acrobats (CD)

  • Little Tornados: We Are Divine (CD)

  • Venteneer: Distorture (CD)

  • Electro, Electronica
  • Uma: Uma (CD)

  • Guarage Rock
  • Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs: Evil Mothers (7")

  • Indie
  • June Brides: She Seems Quite Free (7")

  • Metal, Stoner, Hardcore
  • Hate Colony: Navigate (CD)

  • Wild Eyes: Above Becomes Below (CD)

  • Psychedelic, Psych Rock
  • V/A: Psych for Sore Eyes (7" X2)

  • Punk
  • Billy Idol: Kings and Queens of the Underground (CD)

  • Rock
  • Chills: The BBC Sessions (CD)

  • Gromble: The Gromble EP (CDS)

  • Handsome Jack: Do What Comes Naturally (CD)

  • MatinĂ©e: These Days (CD)

  • North Atlantic Explorers: My Father was a Sailor (CD)

  • Nothing For Breakfast: Nothing For Breakfast (CDS)

  • Paul Collins: Feel the Noise (CD)

  • Run Out The Guns: Powder and Shot (CD)

  • V/A: Music for Linda (CDS)

  • Singer / Songwriter
  • Jane Thomason: September Road (CD)

  • John Howard: Hello My Name Is... (CD)

  • Little Sparrow: Wishing Tree (CD)

  • Reg Meuross: England Green and England Grey (CD)

  • Robert Wyatt: Different Every Time (CD X2)

  • Sarah Borges: Radio Sweetheart (CD)