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New Releases (Comming Soon - Summary)
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New Releases Comming Soon .......

60's / 70's
  • Ian Anderson: Homo Erraticus (CD)

  • Rexford Bedlo: Rexford Bedlo (CD)

  • Avantgarde, Experimental
  • Andreas Dorau: Aus Der Bibliotheque (CD)

  • Lutine: White Flowers (CD)

  • Mikkel Meyer: Jolly EP (CDS)

  • O: When Plants Turn into Stones (CD)

  • Roll the Dice: Until Silence (CD)

  • Turn to Crime: Can't Love (CD)

  • Workhouse: The Sky Still Looks the Same (10")

  • Electro, Electronica
  • Kid606: Happier EP (CDS)

  • Stephen Emmer: International Blue (CD)

  • Guarage Rock
  • Graham Day and the Forefathers: Love Me Lies/30-60-90 (7")

  • Theatre Royal: We Don't Know Where We Are (CD)

  • Indie
  • Faded Paper Figures: Relics (CD)

  • Owl and Mouse: Somewhere to Go (7")

  • Metal, Stoner, Hardcore
  • Vanderberg's MoonKings: Vanderberg's MoonKings (CD)

  • Psychedelic, Psych Rock
  • Night Beats: Sonic Bloom (CD)

  • Rock
  • Cambodian Space Project: Whiskey Cambodia (CD)

  • David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's: End Times Undone (CD)

  • Dodson and Fogg: In a Strange Slumber (CD)

  • Engineers: Always Returning (CD)

  • Nothing For Breakfast: Nothing For Breakfast (CDS)

  • Of Arrowe Hill: Around the Corner (CDS)

  • Pete Fij and Terry Bickers: Broken Hearted Surgery (CD)

  • Three Dimensional Tanx: Three Dimensional Tanx (CD)

  • V/A: Haiti Direct (CD X2)

  • V/A: Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne (CD X2)

  • V/A: Music for Linda (CDS)

  • Singer / Songwriter
  • Bob Mould: Beauty and Ruin (CD)

  • Little Sparrow: Wishing Tree (CD)

  • Loudon Wainwright Iii: Haven't Got the Blues (Yet) (CD)

  • Soul, Funk
  • EVM128: Naked Truth EP (12")