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Peter Murphy
Holy Smoke
CD on Beggars Banquet
Cat No: BBL123CD , Stk Ref 66727

Released on: 22 April 2003

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CD on Metropolis
Cat No: EFA173502 , Stk Ref 38176

Released on: 22 April 2002

As a member of the early art rock pioneers BAUHAUS, PETER MURPHY has impacted the world with his deep sensual singing and heart-felt lyrics. Following the break-up of BAUHAUS, PETER MURPHY began a solo career selling out shows and wooing crowds all over the globe. Last year Metropolis released a taste of his live shows with "A Live Just For Love". This year Metropolis is proud to present PETER MURPHY's newest album "Dust". Expectations are high, this is Peter's tenth solo release, and fans won't be disappointed.This time around Peter has put his songwriting to the test by adding new elements to the mix. Not only are there beautiful string treatments, exquisite piano lines, and Peter's thick, rich vocal sound, several tracks take on a darker feel with ethnic, tribal, and atmospheric overtones. Tracklisting: Things to Remember, Fake Sparkle or Golden Dust, No Home Without Sire, Just For Love, Girlchild Aglow, Your Face, Jungle Haze, My Last Two Weeks, Subway (Epilogue).

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A Live Just For Love
CD X2 on Metropolis
Cat No: EFA173342 , Stk Ref 33287

Released on: 23 July 2001

Legandary frontman of early art rock pioneers BAUHAUS, Peter Murphy went on to build a succesful solo career, selling out shows and wowing crowds all over the world. Metropolis Records is now proud to release this live performance from the 2000 US tour .....'A Live Just for Love' is the full, uninterrupted set from the El Rey show in Los Angeles on November 30th during the Peter Murphy Just For Love Tour 2000, featuring Peter DiStephano from PORNO FOR PYROS on guitar. The entire live acoustic disc is brilliantly recorded, crisp and clear, with rich vocals, and elegant strings. All the Peter Murphy favorites are included such as 'Indigo Eyes,' 'I'd Fall With Your Knife,' 'A Strange kind of Love,' and 'Cuts You Up.' A Live Just for Love also features a bonus disc, containing the live acoustic encore with former Bauhaus member David J from the December 1st show in Los Angeles. This supplemental disc features versions of the Bauhaus songs 'Who Killed Mister Moonlight,' 'All We Ever Wanted,' and 'Hope.' As another added bonus, the disc features a cover of Elvis's 'Love Me Tender.' Peter Murphy 'A Live Just for Love' is an incredible album perfect for existing Bauhaus/Murphy fans and for those just discovering Peter Murphy...Tracks Disc 1 : 1. Cool Cool Breeze 2. All Night Long 3. Keep Me From Harm 4. Indigo Eyes 5. Subway 6. I'll Fall With Your Knife 7. M. D. F. P. 8. A Strange Kind of Love 9. My Last Two Weeks 10. Big Love of a Tiny Fool 11. Gliding Like A Whale 12. Cuts You Up 13. Time 14. Angelic Harmony Disc 2 : 1. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight 2. All We Ever Wanted 3. Hope 4. Love Me Tender

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CD on Beggars Banquet
Cat No: BBL107CD , Stk Ref 50192

Released on: 14 June 2001

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Wild Birds : Best Of 1985-95
CD on Beggars Banquet
Cat No: BBL2019CD , Stk Ref 22160

Released on: 10 April 2000

As the singer of Bauhaus and with a solo career stretching back 15 years, Peter Murphy has been one of the leading lights on the USA alternative scene since 1979. "Wild Birds" is a long overdue "Best Of" compilation from Peter Murphy, covering work from his five solo albums and includes most of his "post modern" single hits along with choice cuts from "Deep", "Cascade" and "Love Hysteria". An unheralded pioneer and aficionado of world music before it became a marketing term, the tangents and depth to Murphy’s music are easier to appreciate with hindsight

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Should The World Fall
CD on Beggars Banquet
Cat No: BBL69CD , Stk Ref 50233

Released on: 01 January 2000

1..Canvas Beauty 2..The Light Pours Out Of Me 3..Confessions 4..Should The World Fail To Fall Apart 5..Never Man 6..God Sends 7..Blue Heart 8..The Answer Is Clear 9..Final Solution 10..Jemal

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Love Hysteria
CD on Beggars Banquet
Cat No: BBL92CD , Stk Ref 50238

Released on: 01 January 2000

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CD on Beggars Banquet
Cat No: BBL175CD , Stk Ref 60065

Released on: 07 November 1997

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A strange kind of genius...
It is an amazing experience to see Peter Murphy live or even to listen to one of his albums. Don't miss out if you can help it.
Posted By: skyler
Location: lincoln, ne

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